A self-contained water mill


Here is a schematic view of a kinetic fountain.

F is the mechanical part.

P is the pump, immersed in the basin.

S is the solar panel, licking up the rays from the sun.


The question mark indicate a hypothetical other source such as a battery, a transformer connected to the mains, a windmill or whatnot.  





The pumps (voltages 12 to 24 V) consume from 7 to 25 W. 

They lift water to a height of one to two meters (in a 1 cm diameter tube), supplying some liters per minute.

The life-time is from one year upwards.



Solar panels


Their output is typically between 10 and 30 W at 18 V.

They normally only give enough power when in full sunshine. Shadows from branches etc. reduce their power considerably. Under light clouds or in misty weather the diffuse light can be strong, and then they might give just enough current to keep a small pump going.

A good combination is a 30 W panel with a 7 W pump.