Welcome to My Fountains

My fountains are kinetic, and thus very lively.

But from a photo, motions cannot be seen and sounds not heard.

So, click on the pictures to see them move.

Lean back and enjoy.



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When you have a fair amount of soda cans, beer cans and plastic bottles, it's fun to use them. And when you cool the plumbings in a half-barrel of water, it's nice to have the water running.



The series of last summer: ping-pong balls floating on water jets.



Recently the family left me with a sack full of cans. They are great for fountains.

I added Number One, an arbre à canettes, made with cans from New Caledonia.



A kinetic fountain can't walk, but it can try. This led to Tarzan, but then I also had to make Jane, and the chimpanzee, the Jungle Trio.



The basic substance is copper, tubes and plates. Tube diameter up to 5 cm.

With time, or pollution, the surfaces take on some lovely colors.




PVC tubes and fittings are great materials, easy to shape and everlasting.

The first fountain was called Drainage I. Later on, names became more poetic.




When the sun is off, the kinetic fountain stops*.

It turns into a regular sculpture, but then, why not? 


*Except, of course, if it runs from the mains and not off a solar panel.



Kinetic elements can be fabricated from car repair resin, but only in the summer(it stinks too much for indoor work).

The molds of the feet and the bottoms are homemade from local models.




Many commercial items are both applicable and cheap.

Here it's plastic glasses from Carrefour and imitations of crocs.




Plastic dishes are also neat, as are plastic bottles.

When heated, they may turn into pretty flowers.




Polycarbonate roofing sheets are neat, easy to work with and solid.

Letting the water run inside - between the two walls - gives two-dimensional fountains.




This was the brief description.

The nitty-gritty of my kinetic fountains is exposed in Pumps & panels.

And a long text with many more details is found under Documentation.





They all said "why not use bamboo?"

I did, once (left image).


After two years, it was rotten and grotty. 

Soaking in polyurethane was an option, but it was too far gone.

So we painted it (right image).


Afterwards, still not well, it was buried in the communal landfill.